DEBATING. Humorous, intellectual pillow-fights while growing your skills as a leader. Voice modulation. Play with your sound. am 18.03.2022

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Dear Wirtschaftsjunioren, dear friends!

Today: Voice modulation. Play with your sound. 

Goal: Be comfortable to harness the wide range of your options to sound.

-> Power of silence.
-> Power of emotional expression.
-> Dynamics.
-> To go high, go low.
-> Get comfortable with variety.

Start Time                - - - Agenda Point - - -  Duration
 18:30  Meet & Greet: bring your FOOD & drinks. We have space for casual chat, getting to know each other.    30
 19:00  Rhetoric Nugget. Voice modulation. Play with your sound.   15
 19:15  Quick Intro: "How does a debate work?" & Definition of teams  10
 19:25  2 Debates are prepared & BreakOut for all audience-participants.  15
 19:40  1st Debate. Topic is a surprise.  20
 20:00  Feedback & debrief 1st debate  5
 20:05  2nd Debate. Topic is a surprise.  20
 20:25  Feedback & debrief 2nd debate  5
 20:30  Final debate is prepared & BreakOut for all audience-participants.  15
 20:45  FINAL DEBATE  20
 21:05  Feedback & debrief final debate & official closure of event  5
 21:10  Open end for casual chat & drinks  -

Practicing and refining our rhetoric skills is leveraging our message and our passion as leaders. We increase and improve our radius of influence
We welcome you to join today and be part of this exciting growth-journey!
Expats in Frankfurt and our firends from across the globe are warmly welcome! This is why we conduct this event in English language. Each event has a short rhetoric nugget. You are welcome to participate in all events of the year as each has a unique flavor and a unique focus for rhetoric growth. The debate itself is humorous. We randomly select topics and choose pro & con by coin.
Let the joy begin!