JCI Training: Effective Leadership (English) am 16.11.2017

IHK Darmstadt: Rheinstraße 89 64295 Darmstadt
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Teilnahmegebühr externer Teilnehmer: 29,00 Euro

What does our world need more to face the modern day challenges than effective leaders? Come to learn about leadership with an international twist!

The Effective Leadership course defines the kind of effective leadership needed to address the local, national and global problems of the 21st century society. The course provides a foundation on which individuals can build their capacity and character in order to motivate others to take action for a common purpose.

Trainer: Françoise Hontoy

For registration, send an email to address: info@wj-darmstadt.de.

To get your course certificate, register to the training also in jci.cc: https://jci.cc/en/trainings/18488

Note: The course starts at 19:00 sharp, so please be there on time!